Together With Epson

We will bring greater efficiency to your automation process.

We have been helping companies like yours improve efficiency and repeatability by implementing EPSON robots for the past ten years.

RG-Tech has been working with Epson Robots for the past 10 years, selling over a million dollars worth of robots every year since 2014. We sold the highest number of Epson Robots of any distributor in the country in 2012.

Manufacturers and engineers work with us and Epson robotics to reduce production costs, improve product quality, increase yields and help increase their bottom line.

EPSON Robots are well known in the industrial robot market for their ease of use, reliability, performance and overall value. Epson carries SCARA, 6-axis robots, Linear Modules, as well as Epson Vision Systems. We can demonstrate and help you select and implement the right Epson Robot for your manufacturing business.

The New Epson T-Series All-In-One ROBOTS

EPSON’s NEW cost effective all-in-one robots are use Epson’s easy-to-use RC+ software,

The New Epson T-Series All-In-One 6-axis robot – the VT6L


The New Epson N-Series And What It Can Do

The new Epson N-series is a revolutionary 6-axis industrial robot, built with an innovative folding arm that allows them to be installed in very limited spaces. The structure of the new arm maximizes the space efficiency of the N series, enabling these robots to be installed in an area as small as 600 mm square, the equivalent of the space occupied by a human worker. These robots reduce cycle times and provide higher throughput because the arm will not collide with the base or other objects when folded, so fewer moves are needed to avoid collisions with objects in the surroundings. In addition, reduced adjustment and teaching times mean shorter robots setup times.

We are creating amazing automation with the Epson N-Series that will take your manufacturing to the next level. We can’t wait to show you!


Contact us and we will demonstrate the Epson robots.  We will create a simulation replica of your physical working environment.

Together we will decide on the best robot for the job, help you implement the robot, AND support you in every step of the way while you are using it to improve your business.

Let's Discover What Epson Robots Can Do For Your Business. Together.

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