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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Light force capability 10g or less
  • Soft-Land capability for pick and place of delicate and fragile parts
  • Each jaw can be independently controlled in force, position and velocity
  • 1 micron linear encoder standard
  • SMAC’s Patented ‘Soft-Land’ technology
    Fully programmable in force, position and velocity



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MGR Series


Dimensions [mm] 55×47.5×24
Stroke [mm] 10 (5 each)
Peak Force [N] 3.8 @ 24VDC
Encoder Resolution [µm] 1
SMAC’s Patented ‘Soft-Land’ technology
Fully programmable in force, position and velocity.

Controllers:                                                             LAC-1  x2                                                                LCC-10(11) x2                                                            LAC-26

SMAC GRP gripper

SMAC GRP Series                resolutions: GRP20: 1µm standard and 0.1µm optional. GRP35 and GRP50: 5µm standard, 1µm, 0.5µm and 0.1µm optional.

Standard: 24 Volts single coil                        OPTION:I: 48 volt coil                         OPTION: Double coil some 24 volt coil  Extra long life linear guide                         low friction linear guide


The GRP Series gripper offers a peak force up to 45N, and a working stroke up to 30mm. The built-in linear encoder delivers 0.1 micron precision.


  • Precision positioning ideal for measurements
  • Soft-Land capability for sensing product location and dimensions
  • Data feedback


Force Sensing Gripper

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ROBOHAND Electric Grippers                       With simple plug & play operation, no programming tuning or adjusting is required. “Light Switch” simplicity in a compact design for easy setup and no external control board.

  • Fast actuation (0.25 seconds up to 150 PPM), 25 mm stroke and 111N / 25 lbf grip force
  • 20+ million cycles with zero maintenance and 100% duty cycle
  • Electrically Actuated: 24 VDC power plus discrete input for open/close operation. “Light Switch” simplicity for easy operation
DPE Direct-Connect Parrallel Electrical
DESTACO Robohand Express


Robohand Grippers Pneumatic



RP Series Industrial Parallel Gripper        Rugged Impact Resistance 2-jaw

RP-5  RP-5M  – 10, -11, -12, -15                  

Widely used robust sealed design gripper
• Double wedge design for high impact applications
• Hardened steel bottom for part pressing applications
• Inductive jaw location sensing
Grip force range from 178N [40 lbs] to 2669N [600 lbs]
• Stroke Range from 6.4mm [0.25 in] to 50.8mm [2.00 in]
• Inline part pressing applications
• OEM machine pick and place
• Packaging applications
• Automotive assembly                     


 RPL Series Gripper                                      2-Jaw Precision Parallel Grippers      RPL-1   RPL-1M – 2, 3, 4, 

• Excellent part positioning and repeatability
• Zero side play using low friction , Dual-V roller bearings
• Class 10 rated clean-room (RPLC), fits life Sciences
• Low friction for operation in low pressure applications   – corrosion resistant design (RPLC)
• Optional non-synchronous jaw operation
• 30°C to +150°C [-20°F to +300°F] option Viton®seals
• Purge port (RPLC) prevent contaminants entering gripper
• Scavenge port (RPLC) prevents gripper grease
from contaminating environment

• Clean room and harsh environments (RPLC)
• Delicate part handling with valve controls
• Long gripper finger requirements with precision
• High temperature applications using Viton® svea





Series– RPM & RPMC



• Miniature gripper for small part gripping
• Zero side play due to Dual V bearing system
Low friction and smooth and part position repeatable
• Create compact gripper arrays with top manifold design
• Adjustable pre-load screws eliminates side play over life of unit
Purge and scavenge ports for clean/harsh environment
• Units are lubricated with clean-room grease
Class 10 rated clean-room (RPMC)


• Ideal for semiconductor and life sciences
• Space constrained applications
• Sealed design operates in harsh environments (RPMC)
• Viton® seals option High temp -30°C to +150°C [-20°F to +300°F]



• Rugged general purpose modular gripper
Multi-position sensing up to 4 locations
• Shielded gripper to repel metal chips and particulates
Spring assist option maintains grip in case of air pressure loss
• Synchronous or non-synchronous jaw operation
Multiple air ports support manifold interface using O-rings
Two finger mounting surfaces on each jaw Applications:
• CNC Machining applications
• Chip and dry particulate harsh environments
• Non-synchronous jaw or fixed jaw clamp operations


RPW-625M-1   RPW-625M-2Features:                      Robohand Parallel Gripper                                               

Wide Parts, Long fingers, Heavy Duty

• Grip force ranges from 222N(50lbs) thru 2091N(470lbs)
• Strokes range from 19mm thru 114mm
Rack and pinion design for smooth operation
• Jaws well supported to grip large and wide parts
Double rod seals for extended life in harsh environments
Optional non-synchronous jaw operation


2-Jaw Heavy-Duty Parallel Grippers Direct-connect Parallel Wide               DPW-250M-1 DPW-250M-2 DPW-375M-1 DPW375M-2 DPW-500M-1 DPW500M2

• Robust wide body gripper with DIRECTCONNECT mounting
Grip force ranges from 222N thru 800N (180 lbs)
• Strokes range from 19mm thru 63.5mm
Rack and pinion design for smooth operation
• Jaws well supported to grip large and wide parts
Multiple air ports where top ports can be manifolded
Shaft wiper seals for harsh environments
Optional non-synchronous jaw operation


RA  Robohand Angular – Cam


• Highly reliable rugged general purpose gripper
High grip force to size ratio due to cam driven design
• Fingers can be mounted on the side or top of jaws.
Optional Viton® seals for high temp -30°C to +150°C [-20°F to +300°F]
• Use up to 2 magneto resistive sensors

• Industrial assembly machines
• OEM pick and place machines
• General purpose gripping


RA-L  Robohand Angular-Lock

• Highly reliable rugged general purpose gripper
• Very high grip force to size ratio due to toggle mechanism
• True Failsafe with toggle locking jaws,  cannot release part without air
• Optional Viton® seals for high temperatures
-30°C to +150°C [-20°F to +300°F]
• Optional inductive sensors and flow controls
• Requiring internal/external toggle grip locking
• Internal gripping Applications without locking
• Industrial assembly machines
• OEM pick and place machines

Robohand RR

RR Robohand Rotary – Light-Duty
Rotary Actuators Series 18, 28, 36    Angle 0-180 deg       Payload .45 – 3.6 Kg

FEATURES:                                                                                                                         –Ultra-thin profile for tight space applications                                                          • Preloaded bearings for high repeatability rotary actuation
Zero backlash and slip fit dowel pins for precision applications
• Built-in adjustable hard-stops
Optional manifold eliminates twisted airlines
• CR- Clean room option or for use in harsh environment applications
• Precision rotary positioning
• Medical applications
• OEM machines

G Series

G110 Series OEM parallel

• 20 different models sized to, your application needs
• Fast actuations from 60mS
• Multiple stroke options, from 5mm to 50mm
• High grip force, small package, from 56N to 558N [13 to 125 lbf]
Shielded design for clean to moderate, manufacturing environments

Destaco Robohand RHC tool changer


Destaco’s RHC Series of EOA modular robot tool changers lead the industry with self-lubricating seals, pneumatic ports, precision cone positioning, and failsafe operation. A wide variety of utilities are available to quick disconnect, I/O, air, water, weld power, servo power, vacuum lines. These models feature a simple locking mechanism, high weight to payload ratio in the industry, and hard anodize for improved wear over long periods.

Destaco Robohand TC1 tool plate and Robot plate manual


DESTACO’s TC1 Series tool changers are ultralight, compact, and ideal for cobot work cells and applications requiring custom coupling solutions. Designed for safety, ease of use, durability, and excellent repeatability, this tool changer features a very low profile and a coupling solution with pneumatic and electrical pass-thru capability. The tool changer features IS0 9409 mounting, plus a highly adaptive blank version that is easily modified by machine builders for application specific needs.

Destaco Robohand BagGripper

       Destaco Bag Gripper                       (DBG50 / DBG 100)   Configurations & Options

Bag Gripping and Palletizing

DBG50 (50lb Max Load)
DBG100 (100lb Max Load)

DESTACO DBG Series bag gripping end
effector solutions offers end of line pick and
place and palletizing solutions. The DBG
has a simplified design with field adjustable
finger position and opening angle.
Features also include:
Pneumatic or electric fully enclosed actuators
Integrated open/closed position sensors
Standard off-the-shelf components

Destaco Bag Gripper

           Destaco Bag Gripper                          (DBG50 / DBG100)                                   CAD Models

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