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EPSON Robots makes Capturing Orienting and Locating your products look easy. For EPSON Robots, it is easy.  For those different applications, Force tracking, Vision Tracking, Conveyor tracking are standard integrated options.

EPSON Robots G Series, Most robust and capable SCARA 4 axis.

EPSON Robots Series VT6L, 6 axis, 6 Kg max, 920mm reach, $13,900. Includes integrated controller, AC 100-240 VAC single phase.

EPSON Robots force-guide

EPSON Robots Force Guide on N Series Robot 

Epson Force Guidance is a tightly integrated force control system that allows Epson Robots to not only sense and feedback force data but also to react and make precise moves based on force feedback data.

EPSON Robot Force Feedback Force Control transducer
EPSON Robots Part fitting

EPSON Robots Conveyor trackling

EPSON robots TRACkING Dual Systems

EPSON Robots IntelliFlex Feeding system, Integrated with Epson RC+® offers easy setup and configuration.

QC 300 toothed

QC Conveyors IS300 conveyors are made for precision indexing to ±.15″, and can be fixed with custom molded cleats.


Moorfeed Hopper Metering to Bowl Orienting to Linear Track Locating to Nest Capturing

CAMCO Destaco Precision Link Conveyor, high speed, position, locate.

SMAC Capture Measure and Locate in milliseconds and microns.

SMAC Divert & Sort

SMAC LBL LinearHighForce

SMAC LBL Series High Speed Diverting Locating Measuring.

GTB Destaco Servo indexerr

Camco Destaco Rotary Servo Platform for Capturing Positioning and Locating.

CAMCO Destaco Rotary Cam Platform for Capturing Positioning and locating.

CAMCO Destaco Precision Link Linear Conveyors, servo and cam, High speed Capturing, Positioning, and Locating.


CAMCO Destaco RPP Series PART HANDLERS for accurate Rotate Pick  Position

EPSON Robots Series C4 six axis, 4 Kg max, 900mm

CAMCO Destaco

Ring Drive indexers.

CAMCO Destaco Ring Drive Indexer

EPSON Robots Series C4L six axis, 4 Kg max, 900mm

EPSON Robots SCARA 4 axis RS4-550

EPSON Robots Series

RS4-550 Ceiling Rotary

Full Circle Work Area. Small footprint, large work area.


Moorfeed when the part is being delivered into a tight spot.

EPSON Robots Series C12XL

12 Kg max, 1400mm reach

Vibe bullets

Moorfeed, when the Locate and Transfer orientation of your product is most singularly critical.