Moorfeed Vibratory Feeder Bowls

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Epson IntelliFlex

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DEPRAG Eacy Feed

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The CAMCO iQue conveyor is a modular, scalable, intelligent system that be customized to your exact needs. The programmable linear drive allows independent control of multiple magnetically-propelled movers along a straight or curvilinear paths. Movers can be moved along the conveyor in forward or reverse motion at varying speeds, and in individual, continuous, batch and asynchronous motion sequences. It has increased production rates by over 50% with increased line speed and flexibility allowing for more efficient, repeatable, and fast assembly.



Offering a vast range of products and gripping solutions, DESTACO’s Robohand products serve all markets including stainless steel grippers for food and beverage, miniature clean room products for pharmaceuticals and heavy duty material handling solutions for industrial automotive applications. Robohand can also do completely customizable grippers for unique and challenging environments.

End Effectors

DESTACO Bag Gripper end effectors offer end-of-line, pick-and-place palletizing solutions.  The DBG Series Bag Gripper utilizes a simplified, field adjustable, lightweight design to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable Bag Gripper available today.

We love all of the DESTACO automation products and would love to show you how they can hold, grab, and move your manufacturing towards more efficiency, and reliability. Our goal is to help you manufacture more repeatable high-quality products and ensure your quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Contact us and we will grab, grip and move your production into a more efficient process with DESTACO.

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