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DESTACO’s CAMCO cam-operated rotary index drives are designed to move a wide variety of products and components with smooth precision. Preloaded for no backlash, they have the capacity for handling high loads and speeds with controlled acceleration and deceleration for repeatable, accurate positioning.


The Destaco family of CAMCO Precision Conveyors for the specialty automation industry enables designers and engineers to conceptualize, cost, design, build and deliver automation systems quickly. For products ranging from automotive components to medical devices, these advanced conveyors are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for positioning accuracy and station-to-station index times.

CAMCO RPP-LPP PrecisionLink



Offering a vast range of products and gripping solutions, DESTACO’s Robohand products serve all markets including stainless steel grippers for food and beverage, miniature clean room products for pharmaceuticals and heavy duty material handling solutions for industrial automotive applications. Robohand can also do completely customizable grippers for unique and challenging environments.

End Effectors

DESTACO Bag Gripper end effectors offer end-of-line, pick-and-place palletizing solutions.  The DBG Series Bag Gripper utilizes a simplified, field adjustable, lightweight design to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable Bag Gripper available today.


Contact us and we will grab, grip and move your production into a more efficient process with DESTACO.

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