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Pick, Profile, Place, and Present
Move, Make, Merge, and Orient
Index, Position, Transfer, and Rotate
Grip, Measure, Sort, and Locate

Count, Find, Stack and Verify
Track with vision, Illuminate, and Quantify
Coordinate, Assemble, Facilitate, and Check
Manufacturing Solutions at RG Tech

Are Any Of These Issues Slowing Down Your Manufacturing?

More Quality In Less Time

Is the cycle time in your manufacturing too slow?

What if we could find more efficient robot automation for your manufacturing,

AND make sure you were comfortable using them?

Eliminate The Fear Of Automation

Are your people walking on eggshells when using the automation equipment, machinery, lasers, or scanners on your marketing floor?

We want you to live in a world where you feel comfortable and supported.

Is Quality Assurance Becoming An Issue?

When your customers find defects in your products, it can be harmful to your company.

What if you COULD produce consistently quality products

Ask us how we can improve your cycle times, quality, and efficiency with automation.
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